Two Stellar Exhibitions Open at Beaver Galleries

Detail of Storm from Mount Ainslie by Alicia Mozqueira; image courtesy the artist and beaver galleries, canberra

Canberra's largest and well-respected commercial gallery, Beaver Galleries, opened a double exhibition this week with 'Dawn and Dusk' from Alicia Mozqueira and 'Winter Drawings' from Lucienne Rickard.

Mozqueira is an emerging Canberra painter exploring the dark romanticism of the natural environment. The oil paintings in this series capture the richness of the ACT landscape in seasonal transition. The artist magnificently renders the qualities of light, air and sky with a tender hand and sublime colour. Mozqueira asks us to pause and absorb the heady beauty of our own environment.

Rickard is a Hobart-based artist who has refined her art-making to a meticulous method of graphite marking on drafting film. The repetitive process is executed with painstaking precision and results in vivid, textural works that command presence in the gallery space. Rickard deals with the interwoven themes of beauty, brutality, death and disintegration wrapped up with a fundamental reverence for living things.

Both artists are on show until 21 August 2016, and well worth feasting your eyes on.

Detail of Tribute by Lucienne RIckard; image courtesy the artist and beaver galleries, canberra