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Tony Albert, Wake Up, 2015, assemblage made of reworked objects, fabric and twine, 120 x 120 x 8cm; 

digital edition

Art Monthly Print Series
Vernon Ah Kee, Gaze, 2012. Limited edition of 30  more >

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-01Straddling the spectrum: Rebecca Baumann and Brendan van Hek’s ‘colour restraint’ - Andrew Purvis

-02Speculations on site: ‘spaced 2: future recall’ - Laetitia Wilson

-03Uprooted: Fred Williams’s Stump I at the Art Gallery of Western Australia - Justin Paton

-04Lover, fighter - Robert Cook

-05Constituting community: ‘do it (adelaide)’ - Jenna McKenzie

-06Art is not a verb - Donald Brook

-07Hovering on the edge of catastrophe: Rosemary Laing’s ‘weathering’ - Gretchen Shirm

-08The butterfly effect: Ken + Julia Yonetani’s ‘Another dream (Un autre rêve)’ - Gabriella Coslovich

-09Shifting meaning and memory: Tony Albert in conversation - Ivan Muñiz Reed

-10Honouring service and sacrifice: Yininmadyemi – Thou didst let fall - Gary Oakley

-11Jennifer Phipps: 1944–2014 - Paul Fox

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