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Petrina Hicks, Hippy and the Snake, 2011, two-channel HD video, stereo, 25min, seamless loop; sound by Martin Backes (Aconica – creative lab for sound + art). Currently showing in the artist’s first solo exhibition in Melbourne, at Helen Gory Galerie, 16 November to 11 December 2011. Image courtesy the artist and Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne.

Ken Done, Cadmium Coral head, 2010, oil, acrylic and oil crayon on canvas, 152 x 183cm. Currently showing in Ken Done: Sea Gardens, The Ken Done Gallery, Sydney, Image courtesy the artist.

Issue 246
Summer 2011

   01 Home is where the art is: the rise of home-based galleries JOHN CRUTHERS

Sarah Goffman, Plastic Arts, 2008–2010, all works recycled plastic containers with paint and blue pen; shown at artroom5, Adelaide.

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   02 Redressing the imbalance: Yulyurlu, Lorna Fencer Napurrurla CATH BOWDLER

Spring Water at Yumurrpa, 2002, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 303 x 138cm. Courtesy the Laverty Collection, Sydney. Unless otherwise indicated, all images this article are of works... more >

   03 Trent Parke: A Decade in Photography ALEX WISSER

Television on, 2007, from The Christmas Tree Bucket series, pigment print, 2 editions: 32 x 40; 72 x 90cm. All images this article of work by Trent Parke; image courtesy the artist and ... more >

   04 networking phantasma: a dialogue on self & art SCOTT REDFORD & ROB McKENZIE

Destiny Deacon, Virginia Fraser, Michael Riley, installation view, The Phantasm, Foxy Production, New York, 2011.

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   05 Biennale Jogja XI: a new style of Internationalism ALIA SWASTIKA

Arahmaiani, Stitching the Wound, 2006, thread, variable dimensions.

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   06 People we know – Places we’ve been: Goulburn Art Class 2-0-1-1 AROHA GROVES

Aroha Groves, Avatar Sistagrlro Wei in a scene from Meandering, 2011, from her Second Life Project. Image courtesy the artist.

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   07 Countermemory, Analogies and Mythologies: Dinh Q. Lê’s Erasure VERONICA TELLO

Dinh Q. LР, Erasure, 2011, found black-and-white photographs. Commissioned by Sher man Contemporary Art Foundation. Image courtesy the artist.

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   08 speaking through the museum: Stephanie Radok at FUAM LISA SLADE

Stephanie Radok, Weeds of the City, ongoing project, painted beer coasters. Image courtesy the artist and Flinders University Art Museum.

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   09 The Dyeing Dress STELLA GRAY

Martha McDonald, The Weeping Dress (detail), 2011. Image courtesy the artist. Photograph by Christian Capurro.

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   10 the ghost of Gascoigne, & other apparitions ANNI DOYLE WAWRZYNCZAK

Mariana del Castillo, Mother’s dialogue, 2010, 4 parts: Part 1: blanket, nails, funnel, cutting disc, latex, glass, printed image of an eye, on particle board, 72.6 x 46.3cm; Part 2: vi... more >

   11 made in Mildura ANNE SANDERS

Bert Flugelman, Untitled 1975, six polished aluminium tetrahedrons buried in a 450cm-deep trench, Commonwealth Park, Canberra. Photographs of the process of exca vation and burial were exhib... more >

   12 seeing the spiritual in Australian Art: The Blake Prize ROD PATTENDEN

David Tucker, A Local Girl Comes Home, 2008, (winner), ceramic, wood, linen, ink, 52 x 95 x 60cm. Private collection; courtesy the artist and the Blake Society.

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   13 Leonard Brown & the gentle sound of angels’ wings CHRISTINE DAUBER

If an expression can be detected it is most surely a quizzical and ironic one, 2006, oil on linen. Collection: Andrew Baker. Photograph by Mick Richards.

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   14 altered states: Doble & Strong’s Milk of the Poppy ASHLEY CRAWFORD

Chromophore, 2011, gloss enamel and Iriodin on chromogenic print, mounted on aluminium composite board, 178 x 125cm. Images this article of work by Doble & Strong; images courtesy the ar... more >

   15 On Immersion, a note on process and place ZSUZSI SOBOSLAY

Gudgenbi Vallery, Namadji National Park, NSW. Photograph by Kirstie Rea, 2009.

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   16 M12: Ornitarium BARBIE GREENSHIELDS

Front view of M12’s Ornitarium, 2011, local timbers, Wetlands Education Centre, Denmark, Western Australia. Image courtesy the artists. Photograph by M12.

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Miao Xiaochun, Restart, 2010, 3D computer animation, 15min:56sec. Images this article courtesy the artists and China Art Projects , Beijing.

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   18 Niu Warrior , Casula BILLIE LYTHBERG

E. S. Andrews, Mau members in the grounds of the United Nations Mission’s Head quarters, Apia, 1947. Courtesy Communicate New Zealand, Series 6401: Archives New Zea land/ Te Rua Mahara o te ... more >

   19 Play it again, SAM The Art Of Chess & Your Move MEGAN SPENCER

Jake and Dinos Chapman, commissioned work for The Art of Chess

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   20 Head and Shoulders: The 2011 Olive Cotton Award DOUGLAS SPOWART

Tamara Dean, Damien Skipper, 2011, pure pigment print on archival cotton rag. Image courtesy the artist, James Makin Gallery, Melbourne, and Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney.

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   21 PhotoEspaña 2011 – interfaces: Portrait and Communication JUSTINE BAYOD ESPOZ

Shilpa Gupta, Untitled, 2006. Image courtesy the artist.

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   22 Eugene von Guérard: Nature Revealed PATRICK HUTCHINGS

North-east view from the northern top of Mount Kosciusko, 1863. Collection: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

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