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Front Pembela Punkasila (Punkasila Defenders Front): (left to right) Avin Kurniawati Pratama, Gintani Nur Apresia Swastika, Yuvita Dwi Raharti, Siska Raharja, Brigitta Isabella, Syafiatudina, Dian Ariyani, and Elia Nurvista. Photographed at Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat (Sultan’s Palace), Yogyakarta, 2009. Photograph by Edwin ‘Dolly’ Roseno.

Issue 244
October 2011

   01 Indonesia – Australia: Bizarre Relations YULIANA KUSUMASTUTI

Restu Ratnaningtyas, Connection no.1, 2010, acrylic and watercolour on paper, ply wood, 180 x 200 x 40cm. From the residency project HotWave #1, 2010. Image courtesy the artist and Cemeti ... more >

   02 People, action and working together: Asialink engaging with Indonesia ALISON CARROLL

Wanda Gillespie, Olah Rasa, 2007, performance based photographic series, taken during her 2007 Asialink residency in Bandung, Indonesia. Image courtesy the artist and Asialink.

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   03 After the house has gone: the future for Mes 56 NURAINI JULIASTUTI

Jim Allen Abel, Rastra Sewakottama, 2011, digital C-print.

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   04 Indonesian art today: Navigating between idealism and commodity MELLA JAARSMA

Arya Pandjalu, Jaga Tanah Ini (Take care for this Land) , 2008, resin, wood, shoes, and car paint, 120 x 53 x 93cm; shown in the exhibition Beastly at Cemeti Art House, 2011. Imag... more >

   05 Driving (in) an Indonesian art jam MALCOLM SMITH

Tromorama, Borderless, 2010, still from 2 min-25 sec video animation with embroidery on canvas. Tromorama is artists Febie Babyrose (Baby), Herbert Hans (Ebet), and Ruddy Hatumena (Ruddy).... more >

   06 Dadang Christanto: Artist of Conscience for Humanity CAROLINE TURNER

Scent of a mountain, 2008, acrylic on linen, 137 x 167cm. Image courtesy the artist and Jan Manton Art, Brisbane.

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   07 Terrain Vague BO WONG

Image from Bo Wong’s Terrain Vague series, 2011,

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Punkasila: La mision a Cuba del rock combativo , 10th Havana Biennial 2009, La Habana Viela (Old Havana). Photograph by Reynier Rodriguez Vazquez.

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   09 Recapturing Monas and Us ARDI YUNANTO

Photographic mirror; a photo of the photographers at Monas, with the ‘photographed’ behind. Photograph by Ardi Yunanto, 2011.

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   10 Beyond the Self: Contemporary portraiture from Indonesia & other near neighbours CHRISTINE CLARK

Herra Pahlasari, Potret diri di depan kelambu terbuka (Self-portrait before the open mosquito net), 2009, pigment print on Hahnemühle Leonardo canvas.

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   11 Out of Focus: Independent Photography in East Java ZHUANG WUBIN

Sadewa, Untitled image from Me and Mirrors project.

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   12 Fibre Face 3 JOANNA BARRKMAN

Lampu Kuning Art Collective, Chaotical Bottom, woven rattan, hand-carved teak wood, coiled coconut fibre, burnt stencil, 256 x 158cm. Collection: Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Ter... more >

   13 Kamasan Painting at the Australian Museum, and beyond SIOBHAN CAMPBELL

Artist unknown, Smaradahana, c. 1925, natural pigment on cotton cloth. 166 x 132cm. Collection: The Forge Collection, Australian Museum. Photograph by Emma Furno.

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   14 Whispered Landscapes of Jumaadi GINA FAIRLEY

Cakrawala, 2011, gouache on paper, 18 x 12.5cm each / installation 37.5 x 126cm.

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   15 Bryan Bulley: the irreverent logic of untamed chaos CAROLINE RANNERSBERGER

Bali Flight over Darwin, 2010, acrylic on linen, 72 x 110cm. Collection: Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory,
Darwin. Photography by Regis Martin.

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   16 Creative archaeology over Arafura seas STELLA GRAY

Blue and white bottle vase with design from painting by John Bulunbulun, 2010.

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   17 Landfall: Ian Fairweather’s landing at Oesosole, Roti TONY TWIGG

Ian Fairweather, Anak Bayan, 1957, gouache on cardboard on hardboard, 109 x 241.3 x 9cm (inc. frame). Collection: Art Gallery of NSW.

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   18 Remembering 'Humanity Lost': Karla Dickens and Aris Prabawa

Aris and Karla in front of their ‘Appin Massacre’ mural on the grounds of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney, 2010.
Image courtesy Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. The mural includes text fro... more >

   19 Reflections on an Art House: Two Decades of Rumah Seni Cemeti MICHELLE ANTOINETTE

Agung Kurniawan, The Shoes Diary, 2007-2011, a pair of adidas samba shoes, spray paint, silk screen, drawing and text on paper, vaiable dimensions; from the exhibition The mental Archi... more >

   20 Nasi Goblok & Raja Kentut: an arranged marriage CASSANDRA SCHULTZ

Lugas Syllabus, A Present or A Burden, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 40cm.

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   21 The Library of Translation Exercises: dis/location and creative practice in West Timor RUTH HADLOW

   22 Beyond Batavia: the photography of Walter Woodbury and James Page

Dancer in traditional dress with musicians. Image of work by Walter Woodbury and James Page; courtesy Bonhams, London.

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   23 Outside history – Mick Jawalji and Ngarra QUENTIN SPRAGUE

Ngarra, Guglarrt (Mount Hamilton) Bangorri-Bat Dream. Ngamanray, 2008, synthetic polymer paint on paper, 35 x 50cm.

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   24 book review: CHRIS RAJA The Donald Friend Diaries:Chronicles and Confessions of an Australian artist

Ian Britain (ed.), Text Publishing Company, Melbourne, 2010, rrp $39.95, 512 pp (paperback). ISBN: 9781921656705

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   26 Beyond the Self: Contemporary Portraiture from Asia ANNE KIRKER

Agus Suwage, Meleleh (melt), 2011, wax, resin, galvanized zinc. Image courtesy of the artist

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