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Ben Quilty, Margaret No. 3, 2011,
trial proof; hard-ground etching on Velin Arches paper, image size 15 x 19cm; printed by Laura Jones/Legs Press. Image courtesy the artist.

Issue 243
September 2011

   01 Out of Australia: Prints and Drawings from Sidney Nolan to Rover Thomas LAURA GASCOIGNE

Peter S. Graham, Untitled (Jelly fish drawing III), 1999.
Image courtesy the artist and the British Museum, London.

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   02 ‘Materiality’ and the print iconography of Michael Schlitz ANNE KIRKER

Desert Girl, 2011, relief woodblock print on Japanese Kozo paper, 76 x 56cm. Winner of the Rick Amor Print Prize 2011.
Image of work by Michael Schlitz; image courtesy the artist, gra... more >

   03 Cultural Juxtaposition: Tell me, tell me: Australian and Korean Art 1976 – 2011 ADAM GECZY

Yeesookyung, While Our Tryst Has Been Delayed, (still) 2010, video, sound, 16:25 minutes.
Director: Yeesookyung; Film Producer: Kim Joonha; Performer: Jung Marie. © the artist.

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   04 Nam June Paik, Tate Liverpool GENEVIEVE O’CALLAGHAN

Uncle, 1986. © Estate of Nam June Paik.
Photograph by Cal Kowal.

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   05 Land, sea and sky: contemporary art of the Torres Strait Islands ALISA DUFF

Installation view with Kevin O’Brien's Family Tree, 2011,
marine polystyrene floats, stainless steel cable, timber, paint, polyethelene netting, 5.8 x 12.4 x 5.8m (installed, approx.... more >

   06 Ken Thaiday Senior – Staying close to Erub KATRINA CHAPMAN

Sardine Scoop - Weres I, 2009, plywood, bamboo, plastic ties, paint, 11.6 x 11.6 x 19. 6cm.
Image courtesy The Australian Art Print Network.

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   07 Portraying contemporary art: The Archibald Portrait Prize 2011 ARIELE HOFFMAN

Amanda Marburg, DA (David Astle), oil on linen.

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   08 Geoffrey de Groen: ‘the speechless image’ ANDREW SAYERS

April 25 2011, 2011,
synthetic pigment on canvas, 126 x 138cm.

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   09 Last migrations: Pamela Lofts’s Free fall KIERAN FINNANE

Landfall (wind-scoured), 2011, charcoal and gouache on Arches watercolour paper, 120 x 81cm.

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   10 Moral shock: audience, guilt and Santiago Sierra’s ‘abyss of meaningless ness’ JENNIFER KALIONIS

Santiago Sierra, Constructed To Be Held Horizontal To A Wall, 2010, 7 Forms Measuring 600 x 60 x 60cm, installation views, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane. Images courtesy the artist and G... more >

   11 Unleashed: the uncensored world of blogging with Tracey Clement NAOMI GALL

Tracey Clement, Gecko Girl, embroidery on Irish linen, framed 35 x 35cm, 2010, based on an original drawing from c. early-mid 1970s made by Clement and her father Rob.
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   12 review: Marley Dawson at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery; Kenzee Patterson at Darren Knight Gallery PEDRO DE ALMEIDA

Marley Dawson, installation view of HEAVY INDUSTRY / LIGHT COMMERCIAL, 2011, with (top left) High Speed Counter-balanced Discs (detail) and four Endless Loop sculptures.

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   13 Tucker’s Images of Modern Evil CLAIRE DALGLEISH

Image of Modern Evil 2, previous state, Albert Tucker Archive, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne.

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   14 The Merchandise of Venice ALEX TAYLOR

Karla Black, At Fault (detail), 2011, cellophane, paint, sellotape, plaster powder, powder paint, sugar paper, chalk, bath bombs, ribbon, wood, dimensions variable.
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15 obituaries:

Judy Baypungala Boparry Nakarrana 1941 – 2011

David Larwill
1954 – 2011

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   16 Letter from ART HK 11 DAVID WILLIAMS

George Kuruvilla, The Dance of Life, 2011, fibreglass, 3 life-size figures, installation dimensions variable.
Courtesy Apparao Galleries, Madras.
Image courtesy the artist. Phot... more >

   17 em file: Tarn McLean LOUISE MARTIN-CHEW

topopgraphy #5, 2011.
Image of work by Tarn McLean, from her exhibition Interscapes, 2011; courtesy the artist.

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   3 decades of ARCOmadrid JUSTINE BAYOD ESPOZ

Xooang Choi, untitled (The Girl).
Images courtesy the artist. Photograph by Justine Bayod Espoz.

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