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Puntjina Monica Watson, Wirrku Wirrku, 2008, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 87 x 103cm. Gift of Janet Worth through the Art Gallery of South Australia Foundation 2008. Puntjina Monica Watson, courtesy of Ninuku Arts. This work is currently showing in Desert Country, a collection-based exhibition curated by Nici Cumpston, surveying the past forty years of the Aboriginal Desert Art movement, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, 29 October 2010 to 26 January 2011.


Issue 236
Summer 2010

   01 Not Dead Yet, CDU Art Gallery, Darwin RUSSELL GOLDFLAM

Chips Mackinolty, 2nd May Day palace revolution ball, 1977, screenprint, 75.5 x 49.5cm.

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   02 The Art of Resistance: Burmese Contemporary Art RUSSELL KELTY

Nyein Chan Su, Untitled, 2008, performance. Image
courtesy the artist and Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.

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   03 Trevor Nickolls: an urban gift SUZANNE SPUNNER

Tightrope walking, 1980, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 191.8 x 91.7cm. VCA Art Collection, the University of Melbourne; gift of the artist 1980.
Photograph: VCA Margaret Lawrence... more >

   04 Basquiat Notes WES HILL

Zydeco, 1984, acrylic and oilstick on canvas, 218.5 x 518cm.
Bischofberger Collection, Switzerland; © 2010, ProLitteris, Zurich.

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   05 Impressions of Japan GARY HICKEY

Pip & Pop, Three minutes happiness (detail), 2009, mixed media.
Courtesy of the artist.

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   06 Art, Fashion and Performance: The Ballets Russes ADAM GECZY

Léon Baskt, Tunic from costume for the Blue God, c. 1912, from Le Dieu Bleu, Collection: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, purchased 1987.

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   07 Notes from the Humble Administrator’s Garden: The Draguerrotypes of Gary Carsley PETER HILL

D.95 Composite Panorama 1. New York/Shanghai/Hong Kong/
Suzhou/Berlin/Singapore/Sydney (detail), 2010, Lambda mono print on Kodak
Professional Paper, 238 x 1989cm; 17 pa... more >

   08 Kaleidoscope culture: the Glitter-amas of Reuben Paterson BEN BERGMAN

When the Sun Rises and the Shadows Flee, 2005, shimmer disks and synthetic polymer paint on board, tinsel and 9 electroplated stilettos, 730 x 350cm; tinsel and stilettos variable. Collect... more >

   09 Around the world in 80 shades: Raafat Ishak’s pilgrimage in paint BREE RICHARDS

Responses to an immigration request from one hundred and ninety four governments (detail), 2006-2009, oil and gesso on MDF, 194 panels: 30 x 21cm (each).
Courtesy the artist ... more >

   10 When worldviews meet: Puturru Palyalpayi / Stringmakers IAN McLEAN

Bronwyn Goss, Dancing Pleiades Visiting Kungkarangkalpa Country (detail), 2010, old bed springs, red dirt, flowers, 18 x 90cm. Image courtesy the artist.

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   11 Decoding dataspheres: Abstract Nature at Samstag MELINDA RACKHAM

Regina Wilson, Sun mat, 2008, acrylic on linen, 200 x 200cm. Image courtesy the artist.

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   12 An Ecoregional Story: Ross Annels’s regional crafting of landscape memoir TAMSIN KERR

Sprung Series, 2008-10, laminated, steam-bent, and solid silky oak, rose alder, and stainless steel with macro-suede and kangaroo leather, dimensions variable.

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   13 Behind the gavel: Australian auction houses ANITA ARCHER

Brett Whiteley, The Olgas for Ernest Giles, 1985, oil and mixed media on board, Lot 35, 13 June, 2007, Deutscher-Menzies, D&D Studio 101. Image courtesy the artist and Menzies Art Bran... more >

   14 Subterranean wonderland: David Walsh’s Museum of Old and New Art JOYBELLE

Groupe F (France) who will perform at the
MONA opening weekend, 21 to 23 January, 2011.

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   15 A silver lining: Framed – The Darwin Gallery MARTINA COPLEY

Interior panorama view of Framed – the Darwin Gallery.

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   16 The Albury Art Prize JACQUI DURRANT

Catherine O’Donnell, Park Only in Marked Bays,
2008, charcoal on paper, 150 x 250cm. Image courtesy the artist and Artbank Australia.

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   17 Centre-stage: the 3rd Indian Art Summit MAURICE O’RIORDAN

Ariel Hassan, Mathématiques modernes, digital print on vinyl, dimensions variable. Hassan is Greenaway Art
Gallery’s representative at Art Stage Singapore, 12 to 16 January, Singapore... more >

   18 The revolutionary century: art in Asia, 1900-2000 CAROLINE TURNER

Alison Carroll, The revolutionary century: art in Asia, 1900-2000 Macmillan Publishers Australia, South Yarra, 2010, rrp$99 207p; ISBN: 9781921394171

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   19 Jason Benjamin and the importance of being earnest MAURICE O’RIORDAN

We Built Cities, 2010, oil on linen, 120 x 120cm

All images this article courtesy the artist, Jason Benjamin; Michael Reid Gallery, Sydney; and Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane.
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   20 OBITUARY June Walkutukurr Richards, 1951 – 2010 TJAWINA LAWSON, JAN TURNER, ALBIE VIEGAS & JANET VOST

June Richards, Carpet Bagger, Gimme, Mirrka price, New idea; all 2008, all acrylic on canvas paintings. Image courtesy Warburton Collection.

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   21 Letter from Mildura – an indefinable line KATY MUTTON

Jonathan Kimberley, Ngipi Ward, Nancy Carnegie, Pulpurru Davies, Manupa Butler and Norma Giles, Kuluntjarra: World Map, 2008, Synthetic polymer on linen, 210 x 210cm. Image courtesy the ar... more >

   22 Letter from London: Frieze Art Fair 2010 PAVEL S. PYŚ

Damian Ortega, Alma Mater, 2008, 235 x 230 x 230cm, mixed media.
Image courtesy the artist and Kurimanzutto Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.

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