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Marie Hagerty, Duopoly II, 2009, oil on linen, 170 x 190cm. Image courtesy the artist and Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne: www.kwgallery.com
Marie Hagerty is showing in the 2010 Capital Arts Patrons Organisation (CAPO) Auction, National Archives, Canberra, 27 November 2010. The auction is CAPO’s major annual fundraiser, the proceeds of which are channelled into grants for ACT artists including the new Reading Room CAPO London Exhibition Award for an emerging artist (a six-week exhibition in Soho’s Reading Room gallery). This year’s artworks for auction may be viewed at: www.capo.org.au/capo-auction-galleries/

Issue 235
November 2010

   01 Air to life: 20 years in the Australian-Asian arts atmosphere ALISON CARROLL

Sichuan Province, in a tent at Garthar Chode Monastery, established by the seventh Dalai Lama. (l to r) Sam Leach, Tony Lloyd, unknown (monk), Shi Jinsong, Cang Xin, unknown (monk). Photograph by T... more >

   02 Living Deadly: haunted surfaces in contemporary art JOHN CARTY

Anne Ferran, Untitled from the series Lost to worlds 2, 2008, inkjet print on aluminium, 120 x 120cm. Monash Gallery of Art, City of Monash Collection,acquired with assistance fro... more >

   03 Still Unnerved: The New Zealand Project, Redux JACQUI DURRANT

Unnerved: The New Zealand Project installation view, Gallery of Modern
Art, Brisbane, with Michael Parekowhai’s Jim McMurtry, 2004. Image courtesy
the artist and Micha... more >

   04 Photography as a Crime: Mapping Anxiety in the Public Sphere ANNE MARSH & JESSICA WHYTE

Polixeni Papapetrou, Gatsby Gal, 2003, selenium toned silver gelatin print 100 x 100cm. Courtesy
the artist and Stills Gallery. The publication of this image complies with the Austral... more >

   05 Benesse: silences in Japan PATRICK HUTCHINGS

Walter De Maria, Time/Timeless/No Time, 2004,
installation view. Photograph by Michael Kellough.

... more >

   06 An island of art, optimism and hope: Setouchi International Arts Festival EN YOUNG AHN

Yukinori Yanagi, Hero Dry Cell, part of Inujima Art Project
Seirensho on Inujima. Photograph by Daici Ano.

... more >

   07 Facing the House: commissioning a portrait of Ipswich CASSANDRA LEHMAN-SCHULTZ

Congregational Church Manse, Ipswich.

... more >

   08 The Togart test SASHA GRISHIN

Chips Mackinolty, Neta, Darwin 1950, Giclee print, 90 x 68cm. Image courtesy the artist and Karen Brown Gallery, Darwin.

... more >

   09 Risks worth taking: Primavera 2010 JAYE EARLY

Jackson Slattery, Small Ambitions,
2010, watercolour on paper, 60 x 40cm. Image courtesy the artist and Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.

... more >

   10 Germinating, Growing, Wilting: a new paradigm for the Art of the North STEPHEN NAYLOR

Claudine Marzik, Work no. 25, acrylic on canvas. Image courtesy the artist.

... more >

   11 Paul Zika: Home and Away - Reconstructing Artifice SEAN KELLY

Jalq'a 1, 2008, 77 x 108 x 5.5cm. All works by Paul Zika; all acrylic on wood. Images courtesy the artist and
Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne. Photographs by John Farrow.

... more >

   -BOOKS art + soul JEREMY ECCLES

art + soul
Hetti Perkins, Miegunyah Press,
Melbourne, 2010, 296p, rrp $79.99;
ISBN: 9780522857634

... more >

   -EM FILE Adam Veikannen: no ordinary mind DAVID BROKER

Time-function, 2010, sellotape, 460cm diameter.
Image courtesy the artist.

... more >

   -Kai-eye for CIAF OMAR MUSA

2010 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair. Installation view of Aurukun stall,
CIAF, featuring the camp dogs (various artists)
acquired by Queensland Art Gallery.

... more >

   -Letter from Madrid: MartĂ­n RamĂ­rez, Works of Reclusion JUSTINE BAYOD ESPOZ

Untitled (Deer), c. 1953, crayon and pencil on
paper, 119 x 91cm, Collection ABCD, Paris

... more >

   -Letter from Shanghai: ShContemporary Art Fair 2010 DAVID WILLIAMS

Ravinder Reddy, Gilded Head.

... more >

   -Letter from South Korea EN YOUNG AHN

View of the Gyeonggi Museum
of Modern Art in Ansan city.

... more >

   -more BOOKS: William Dobell, An Artist's Life JOHN KELLY

William Dobell, An Artist's Life
Elizabeth Donaldson, Exisle
Publishing, Wollombi, NSW, 208p,
rrp$49.99; ISBN: 9781921497810

... more >

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