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Eric Bridgeman, Wilma Jr, (Blacky), from the series The Sport and Fair Play of Aussie Rules, 2008-09, inkjet print on silver rag paper, 140 x 120cm. Image courtesy the artist. This photograph is part of Eric Bridgeman's selection of work showing as a finalist in the 2010 Basil Sellers Art Prize, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne, 6 August to 7 November 2010: www.sellersartprize.com.au

Issue 232
August 2010

05 Artful Dodger: The ‘Big Island’ in the Pacific PAMELA ZEPLIN

11 Asia-Pacific or Asia-Specific? TIMOTHY MORRELL

15 The Curator in a Sea of Islands: Giles Peterson’s Niu Pasifik BILLIE LYTHBERG

21 Making Waves in the Torres Strait SIMON WRIGHT

25 ‘Living Art’ – a work in progress SUSAN COCHRANE

33 Cook Islands Art NOW JACQUI DURRANT

38 Wherever it is that we want to go: John Pule’s painting, 1990–2010 NICHOLAS THOMAS

45 Navigating ‘Austronesia’: Contemporary indigenous art from Taiwan and the Pacific SOPHIE McINTYRE

49 Arts Dock 4th Melanesian Arts Festival, Nouméa HENRI GAMA (translation by Regis Martin)

51 The Crux of the Matter: Manipulating Cultural Property in Aboriginal Rights Debates JANE RAFFAN

56 Pacific Storms: beyond sunsets and leis PRISCA CHANT

58 Just Like Home: Suburban Realities and the Art of Lisa Hilli TORIKA BOLATAGICI

60 The Culture of Adornment: Materiality in the work of Chantal Fraser and Maryann Talia Pau KELLEE UHR

62 Eric Bridgeman BALA STARR

64 Sam Tupou: the tapa treatment DAVID BROKER

66 Torika Bolatagici and the Big Picture MAURICE O’RIORDAN

68 Krishna Nahow-Ryall: Blakbird IMELDA MILLER

72 Putting the pieces together: Pacific Arts at the National Gallery of Australia, Maurice O'Riordan with Crispin Howarth

74 Pallingjang Saltwater, Genevieve O'Callaghan

76 Just an Ordinary Boy: Gary Lee’s On the Verge JACQUI DURRANT

78 Mari Funaki 1950–2010 MARIAN HOSKING

79 Artnotes

86 Letter from Art Basel GENEVIEVE O'CALLAGHAN

96 Opportunity Knocks + Stop Press

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