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Joan Stokes, The Legendary Race Horse Phar Lap, 2004, acrylic on linen, 123 x 152cm. Image courtesy the artist and Karen Brown Gallery, Darwin. Joan Stokes will be showing with Karen Brown Gallery at the 2010 Melbourne Art Fair. Joan Stokes's says of this work: 'When I went to Melbourne on a student teacher excursion, we went to the Museum to see ... and there stood Phar Lap, the famous Australian race horse (stuffed). I admired his look; Phar Lap was a legend in his own time.'

Issue 231
July 2010

05 Beauty, distance, songs: Surviving the end of Enlightenment IAN McLEAN

10 Apart, we are together: Adelaide International 2010 JEMIMA KEMP

15 Before and After Science: 2010 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art LESLEY HARDING

19 Deficit thinking in regional arts culture KIERAN FINNANE

23 Art, Labour, Love PAT HOFFIE

28 Remember to Forget the Congo ADAM GECZY

31 Lost Voices: the artwork of Joy Gregory and Susan Hiller ALTAIR ROELANTS


37 Power of Two: Ruth Waller & Jude Rae DAVID BROKER

41 Shadow play: Neil Emmerson’s recent installations ANNE KIRKER

44 Malthoid assemblages: material as landscape JENNIFER KALIONIS

46 Fair Go – Flagging the Melbourne Art Fair MAURICE O’RIORDAN

48 Em Files: The deathly blooms of Andre Piguet ASHLEY CRAWFORD

49 Letter to the editor: The politics of hanging a picture BOITRAN HUYNH-BEATTIE

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