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Paul Adair, Rock pool, 2008, from the series Three Hole Mountain Inn, inkjet print on cotton rag, 112 x 90cm. Courtesy the artist and Stills Gallery, Sydney. Paul Adair is one of 12 Queensland photo artists in the exhibition The state we’re in: contemporary Queensland photography, curated by Gordon Craig, and currently showing at the University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane, until 11 April: www.artmuseum.uq.edu.au. The state we’re in is part of the month-long 2010 Queensland Festival of Photography this April. www.festivalofphotography.com.au

Issue 227
March 2010

   01. Has the APT lost its way? by SASHA GRISHIN.

Kibong Rhee, There is no place –Shallow cuts, 2008, glass, fog machine, artificial leaves, wood, steel, sand, motor, timer. Image courtesy the artist and Kukje Gallery.

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   02. The Masks of Merlam & the Shining Swords of Australian Art Awards, by DARREN JORGENSON

Ricardo Idagi, Malo Mask, 2008, turtle shell, cowrie shells, mussel shells, feathers, raffia grass, wicker cane, saimi saimi seeds, natural earth pigment, 157 x 120 x 70cm. Image courtesy ... more >

   03. Making it New by ADAM GECZY

Bob Jenyns, Suit… dedicated to my dad who waited for forty years for me to buy a suit and then he died so that I might have somewhere to wear it, 1995, polychromed wood, 60 x 240 ... more >

   04. Dark Days – closure, not completion. by STEPHENIE CAHALAN

John Cale, Dyddiau Du (Dark Days), 2009, still images from 5-channel video installation. Image courtesy the artist and MONA FOMA 2010, Hobart.

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   05. Bravura: 21st Century Australian Craft, by MARGOT OSBORNE.

Stephen Benwell, Large flared vase, 2008, earthenware, 40 x 48 x 48.5cm. Maude Vizard-Wholohan Art Purchase Award 2009, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. Image courtesy and © the a... more >

   06. Educating for Art & Society, by Rupert Myer.

Eleanor Orchard, Jackson, 2009, pencil, 29.7 x 21cm (image and sheet). School: Warrnambool College, Warrnambool. Image courtesy the artist and Top Arts, Victoria.

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   07. Nicholas (Nick) Waterlow 1941-2009, by MARGARET FARMER.

Nick Waterlow, 2008. Photograph by Olivia Martin-McGuire.

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   08. Sue Ford 1943–2009, by HELEN ENNIS.

1/ Self-Portrait, 1961. 2/ Self Portrait with camera, 2004, 120 x 190cm.

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   09. Shane Pickett 1957–2010, by HENRY SKERRITT.

Shane Pickett at the opening of his exhibition Shane Pickett: Art and Healing, Mossenson
Galleries, Collingwood, October 2008. Image courtesy Mossenson Galleries.

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   10. Re-Thinking John Brack, by CHRISTOPHER HEATHCOTE.

Still-life with self-portrait, 1963, oil on canvas, 149.2 x 78.6cm. James & Diana Ramsay Fund 1999, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide.

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   11. Art under Intervention: the radical ordinary of June Walkutjukurr Richards, by JENNIFER BIDDLE.

June Walkutjukurr Richards, New Idea, 2006, acrylic on canvas, 45.9 x 61cm. Courtesy and © June Richards, and Warburton Collection.

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   12. TS2: art intercepting waste, by ADAM BROINOWSKI.

Slow Art Collective, Transfer Station 2, 2009, installation view, Incinerator Arts Complex, Melbourne. Image courtesy Slow Art Collective.

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   13. Braille, littorally, by ANNE WALTON.

Anne Walton, Braille on Manly Beach, 2009, installation views, Manly Cove. Images courtesy the artist.

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   14. Bacon ‘n’ Eggs, by JOHN KELLY.

Photograph of Francis Bacon by John Deakin. Collection of Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane. © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All rights reserved/ DACS, London.

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   15. A History: Joachim Froese, by GORDON CRAIG.

Archive #7, 2008, 4 archival pigment inkjet prints, 144 x 66.5cm.

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   16. Letter from Art Forum Berlin, by WES HILL.

Michael Sailstorfer, 1:43 - 48, 2009, iron, aluminum, electronic units, popcorn. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Johann König, Berlin.

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