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Song Wei, Hamburger, 2008, fibreglass sculpture, 80 x 80 x 80cm. From the exhibition 30 Degrees, curated by Brian Wallace (Red Gate Gallery, Beijing) and George Michell (Studio Rouge, Shanghai). 30 Degrees showcases 30 different works from 30 Chinese artists to celebrate 30 years of China’s open door policy; at Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, to 13 December: www.redgategallery.com 30 Degrees will also be shown at ARTHK10, the Hong Kong Convention Centre, 27 to 30 May 2010.

Issue 226
Summer 2009

   05 Out of Nowhere: Contemporary Cambodian Photography ZHUANG WUBIN

Chan Moniroth Chiart, Untitled, from Simple Fashion series, 2007.
Image courtesy the artist.

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   09 String bags and starry skies: Aboriginal fibre art at QAG DANIEL THOMAS

Banumbirr (Morning Star poles) installed in Floating Life, GOMA, Brisbane, 2009, bark fibre string, cotton, feathers, native beeswax, synthetic polymer paint, natural pigments on ... more >

   14 Ricky Swallow’s Memory-Sculptures VERONICA TELLO

Flying on the ground is wrong, 2006, bronze, 4 x 14.5 x 5cm. Collection of J. G. Miles QC, Auckland. © Ricky Swallow. Photograph courtesy Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London.

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   18 Remembrance of things past and waists lost – from Paris to Melbourne SUSANNE SPUNNER

Christian Dior ‘Zemire’ evening dress modelled by Renee. Photograph by Regina Relang.

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   22 John Mawurndjul: Art and Impact JON ALTMAN

John Mawurndjul at Kurorr, May 1980. Photograph by Jon Altman.

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   27 Apropos Appropriate Appropriations: After the Apologies DAVID GARNEAU

Kent Monkman, Old Bear with Tinselled Buck No. 10,601, 2008, acrylic on canvas, 76.2 x 61cm. Image courtesy the artist and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London, England.

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   30 Mandy Martin: Eco-worrying ZSUZSANNA SOBOSLAY

Mandy Martin, Wanderers in the Desert of the Real: After Friedrich, 2009, ochre, pigment, oil/linen, 30 x 40cm. Courtesy Australian Galleries, Melbourne.

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   34 Michelle Hiscock: Paintings JAN JONES

Michelle Hiscock, Taylors Point, 2007, oil on panel, 16 x 12cm.

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   36 John R. Walker: painting from the landscape SASHA GRISHIN

 Bedervale South Walking, 2005, gouache on paper, 5 panels, 75 x 275cm overall. Private collection, Perth.

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   39 Wamud Namok (L.B. Nadjamerrek AO) 1926–2009 PETER COOKE

Wamud Namok Nadjamerrek, Ankung Djang and Ngalyod (Honey Dreaming and Rainbow Serpent), 1994, natural pigments on paper, 121 x 171cm. MAGNT Collection. Image courtesy the artist’s estate a... more >

   40 Letter to editor

Ron Hurley, Cricket gods 2 (Urban god in flight), 1999, graphite and oil on paper, 147.5 x 96.5cm. Hurley Family Collection, Brisbane.

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   41 Ouija in Yogya ASHLEY CRAWFORD

Installation view, iCAN, with (foreground) Sigit Bapak, Refuse fairy tales about a frog inside a coconut shell (detail), 2009; and (background) Catriona Stanton, Habe... more >

   45 Double take: Conny Dietzschold international MAURICE O’RIORDAN

Conny Dietzschold, 2009. Image courtesy Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney.

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   48 Ainslie Murray’s Architecture of Thread and Gesture at The Japan Foundation AMELIA GROOM

Installation view of Ainslie Murray’s An Architecture of Thread and Gesture, Japan Foundation Gallery, Sydney,  2008. Images courtesy the artist. Photographs by Ian Hobbs.

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   51 William McAloon (ed.) Art at Te Papa JACQUI DURRANT

William McAloon (ed.)
Art at Te Papa
Te Papa Press, Wellington, 2009, 432pp, rrp NZ$130 (standard edition) NZ$300 (deluxe edition).

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   55 John McDonald Art of Australia: Vol. 1, Exploration to Federation PATRICK HUTCHINGS

John McDonald
Art of Australia:
Vol. 1, Exploration to Federation
Macmillan Australia, Melbourne, 2008, 656pp, rrp $125 (hardback)

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   58 Judy Watson & Louise Martin-Chew Judy Watson: Blood language LAURA FISHER

Judy Watson & Louise Martin-Chew
Judy Watson: Blood language
Miegunyah Press, 2009, 240pp, rrp $39.95

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   60 Stuart Koop Crackle… Contemporary art from the middle of nowhere ANNE KIRKER

Stuart Koop
Crackle… Contemporary art from the middle of nowhere
Institute of Modern Art (IMA), Brisbane, 2008, 176pp, rrp $30

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