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Dinni Kunoth Kemarre, Dinni’s Dream Team, 2008, acrylic on Erythrina Vespertilio, dimensions variable. Image courtesy the artist and Mossenson Galleries, Perth/Melbourne. This sculptural series is represented in the Togart Contemporary Art Award (NT) 2009.

Issue 223
September 2009

01 The magician’s hat: Togart 2009 IAN McLEAN

Adrienne Kneebone, Town and Kantri, fibre pandanus spiralus, 32 x 45 x 57cm.

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   02 China Project, GOMA: SOPHIE McINTYRE

Zhang Xiaogang, Father and Daughter, 1999, oil on canvas, 100 x 80cm. Collection: Zhang Xiaogang.

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   03 Spirited moment endures: The White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney MAURICE O'RIORDAN

 Bai Yiluo’s Recycling, 2008, and (right) Cang Xin’s Shamanism Series – Variation, 2005;

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   04 Convergence or Submergence? PATRICK FILMER-SANKEY

The old Southern Gallery in the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery’s Royal Park venue showing the original roof beam and skylights which will be restored in the building’s art gallery redevelopm... more >

05 Letter to Editor: Honouring Nolan

If I were Lady Mary Nolan, member of the distinguished Boyd family and widow of the famous Australian artist Sir Sidney Nolan who, in 1974, gifted twenty-four of his paintings to the Commonwealth G... more >

   06 West Coast Rules: Perth out-exhibiting Melbourne ASHLEY CRAWFORD

Nick Cave's notebook known as Sacred and Profane, 1985. Gift of Nick Cave, 2006 the Arts Centre, Performing Arts Collection. Photograph courtesy Dan Magree © 2007.

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   07 Gallery A Sydney 1964–1983 DAVID PESTORIUS

Poster for the inauguration of Gallery A Sydney, 1964. Gallery A Sydney archive.

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   08 A Lake in process: Floating Land 2009

Authors: Tamsin Kerr; Nick Tapper; Ilka Nelson & Maurice O’Riordan

Image: Jocelyn Carlin, Untitled (detail), photograph from exhibition Legacy Tuvalu, The Footprint ... more >

   09 Talbet Fulthorpe and the Art of Preservation YOLANDE NORRIS

Still from Talbet Fulthorpe’s Jangil (Homesick), 2008, interactive software, dimensions and length variable

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   10 Yellow Vest Fever: digging and dealing KATE VICKERS

Tim Burns, Autogeddon Hood 6 and Autogeddon Hood 7, 2009, steel and car wrap, dimensions variable. Photograph by Bewley Shaylor.

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11 The Numbers Game – On Counting the Arts PETER ANDERSON

   12 Allegory in smog: the art of Stormie Mills URSZULA DAWKINS

Stormie Mills,  Untitled graffiti, 2007, Hosier Lane, Melbourne.

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   13 Sunlight under ice: Intensely Dutch, AGNSW: PRUE GIBSON

Bram Bogart, Daybreak, 1997, pigment, oil, whiting on jute, 238 x 190cm. Collection of the artist. 

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   14 Book: Murray Bail, Fairweather JEREMY ECCLES

Book cover: Murray Bail, Fairweather
Murdoch Books, 2009, 280pp, 203 colour plates, $125 rrp

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