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IMAGE © Pieter Hugo, Obechukwu Nwoye. Enugu, Nigeria (detail), 2008, from the Nollywood series. Image courtesy the artist, Michael Stevenson, Cape Town and Yossi Milo, New York. Pieter Hugo’s Nollywood exhibition is currently showing at the Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney. Hugo’s Nollywood portraits are collaborations with actors from Nigeria’s Nollywood films which comprise the world’s third largest film industry. Exhibition runs until 11 July: www.acp.org.au

Issue 221
July 2009

   01 More than air: the 10th Havana Biennial VIRGINIA FRASER

carabello-forman, All that is Air, 2008, stills from video. Image courtesy the artists.

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   02 The beauty of distance JOHN KELLY

Shaun Gladwell, Interceptor Surf Sequence, 2009, production stills. Cinematography: Gotaro Uematsu. Courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery. Photograph by Josh Raymond.

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   03 Last of the larrikins: Rob Brown & Adam Cullen ASHLEY CRAWFORD

Rob Brown, My Mum and Dad went to Katherine and..., 2009, acrylic on board, 120x90cm. Courtesy the artist and Cross Cultural Art Exchange Gallery, Darwin.

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04 Letter to the Editor

Artful dodger
I’m very glad that Anne Kirker found some rewarding insights in my little book (The awful truth about what art is, Artlink, Adelaide, 2008, reviewed in AMA June ... more >

   05 Luminescent Journeys: Aboriginal Batik from Central Australia ODETTE KELADA

Ada Bird Petyarr, Arnkerrth (Mountain devil lizard) and Ngangkar (Traditional healer), 1991, batik on silk, 181 x 93cm. Presented through the NGV Foundation by John McPhee, Fellow, 2005.more >

   06 Obituary: Bruce Nabegeyo c. 1949-2009

Bruce Nabegeyo, Yingana Rainbow Serpent at Nimbuwah, 2004, ochres on arches paper. Image courtesy of Injalak Arts.

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   07 The art of the art advisor: Rodney Gooch and the invention of Aboriginal art at Utopia PHILIP BATTY

Angelina Pwerle, Old Time Ancestor, 1990, screenprint, 51 x 42.cm. Gift of Rodney Gooch (The Rodney Gooch Personal Collection), Flinders University Art Museum.

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   08 Theme Park: A Rollercoaster Ride MARIANNE RIPHAGEN

The Island V, 2008, from The Island series, mixed media on Belgian linen, 250 x 300 x 5cm;

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   09 Possibilities lost: Pamela Lofts, Requiem for Another KIERAN FINNANE

Mightbe somewhere, from the THRESHOLD series, 2007-09, C-type photograph on Ilfachrome paper mounted on aluminium, each diptych 80 x 240cm;

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   10 Wrong Gear? The Basil Sellers Art Prize CHRISTOPHER HEATHCOTE

Selina Ou, Madeleine Hogan, field athlete, 2008, F46, type C print, 100 x 100cm. © Courtesy the artist; Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne; and GRANTPIRRIE, Sydney.

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   11 Paint: the language UNA REY

Ildiko Kovacs, Bounce, 2008, oil on plywood 160 x 120cm. Image courtesy the artist.

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   12 David Thomas: Colour. Time. PATRICK HUTCHINGS

Two photopaintings on orange/yellow wall; left to right: End of Summer: Homage à Tati; (small splash), 2009, enamel on photo on Dibond, 101 x 135cm; Movement of Grey ( London), 2008-9, acr... more >

   13 Light Years: Alexander Knox, Maxims of Behaviour KATE ADAMS

Alexander Knox, Maxims of Behaviour, permanent seasonal winter installation launched in 2008, film, animation and lights on Royal Mail House Building, Melbourne CBD. Commissioned by the Ci... more >

   14 Wade (Boris) Marynowsky: on the edge of the Uncanny Valley RYSZARD DABEK

Wade Marynowsky, The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie Robot, installation detail, The Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown (I.C.A.N), 2008. Image courtesy the artist. Photogragh by Craig... more >

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