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Bindi Cole, You Yangs, 2008, pigment print on rag paper, 135 x 96cm. Image courtesy artist and Boscia Galleries, Melbourne. Exhibited in Rapprochement, Manningham Gallery, Doncaster, Melbourne, 20 May to 6 June 2009. Curated by Reko Rennie, Rapprochement celebrates Reconciliation Week and features the work of ‘four young Aboriginal artists, drawing on their Indigenous heritage and inspired by their visions for the future’. Bindi Cole is represented along with Megan Cadd, Benjamin McKeown and Reko Rennie. www.manningham.vic.gov.au/gallery

Issue 220
June 2009

01 On judging green pens JUDGES: TAMSIN KERR & ALAN DODGE

In the Sunshine Coast hinterland, it has been extremely wet over the month of April with two major floods in the same number of weeks. Meanwhile, on the Noosa Biosphere Board, we have been trying t... more >

02 A little-known place: the art of Shane Pickett NICHOLAS TAPPER

Shane Pickett, On the Horizon of the Dreaming Boodja, 2005, acrylic on linen, 153 x 122cm. Collection: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Gift of Roslynne Bracher 2006.

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03 Palimpsest # 7 – Displacement HELEN VIVIAN

Denise James, The Dance, 2009, installation at Lambert’s Swamp incorporating beeswax figures. Images courtesy the artist. Photograph by Kristian Haggblom. All images this article from ... more >

04 The indispensable control FRANCO LA CECLA

Futurefarmers collective, Rainwater Harvester/Greywater Feedback Loop, 2007, mixed media Installation. Courtesy Amy Franceschini, Michael Swaine e Gallery 16, San Francisco.

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05 Clues for our common future? Green art and Floating Land TAMSIN KERR

Firings by the Lake, installation at Floating Land 2007. Artists: Rowley Drysdale, Ellen Appleby, Tony Grimshaw and Susan Coburn, among others; the practice of potters here being ... more >

06 Ten Days on the Island DANIEL THOMAS

Aleksandra Mir, First Woman On The Moon, 1999, DVD, 12 minutes. Image courtesy the artist and Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris.

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07 Planning, Public Art and the Making of community – The Ponds DEBORAH HALL

Susan Milne and Greg Stonehouse, Float, 2008, steel, steel mesh. Public sculpture installed in roundabout, The Ponds, Sydney. Images courtesy the artists.

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08 Prescribed Text: Rosalie Gascoigne in Melbourne DAVID HANSEN

Rosalie Gascoigne, All that jazz, 1989, weathered painted wood on plywood, 131 x 100cm. Collection of Graeme Uthmeyer, Melbourne.

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09 A blackness beyond the branches: the paintings of Andrew Browne ALAN DODGE

Andrew Browne, Untitled #5 2007, oil on linen, 153 x 306 cm. Courtesy Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne.

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10 Drawing as Dialogue JAN HOGAN

Jan Hogan, Rives BFK. Jan Hogan is a visual artist currently living in Gundaroo, NSW. She is a Ph.D candidate in Printmedia and Drawing at the School of Art, ANU. This article was Highly C... more >

11 ‘Carked’ it like a Cassowary SASI VICTOIRE

Gerhard Hillman, Bird Seed ,2009, photomontage on canvas, 76 x 35cm. Image courtesy the artist. All images this article also courtesy Laurel McKenzie.

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12 The Road: The Ecologies Project, MUMA: MELISSA AMORE

Fiona Pardington, Shining Cuckoo / Riroriro, 2006. Shining Cuckoo Chalcites lucidus nestling in a Riroriro/Grey Warbler Gerygone igata nest. AV4552 Dunedin 13.12.68 Otago Museum, edition 1... more >


An aurora australis over Mawson Station, Antarctica.

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14 Pipe dreams: Steiner and Lenzlinger’s The Water Hole URSZULA DAWKINS

Steiner & Lenzlinger, Giadino Calante, St Stae, Venice, 2003. Images courtesy the artists and ACCA.

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A cow eating trash, Piyungan landfill site, Jogjakarta.

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16 Fragile Mapping: Angela Griffiths, Vanishing Point NATASHA CICA

Angela Griffiths, Vanishing Point, 2008, porcelain cones, LED lights. Installation views, Kelly’s Garden, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart. Images courtesy the artist.

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17 Donald Brook The Awful Truth About What Art Is ANNE KIRKER

Book review

Donald Brook
The Awful Truth About What Art Is
Artlink Australia, 2008, 145 pages, rrp $38.50

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