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Laith McGregor, Helm of the Rambut Pura (detail), 2008, biro on paper, 149.5 x 177.0 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne. From the exhibition Too Much of Me: 7 Paths Through the Absurd, (With Detour)*, curated by Geraldine Barlow, Monash University Museum of Art, Clayton Campus, 15 April to 20 June 2009: www.monash.edu.au/muma

Issue 219
May 2009

   01 Yapang Marruma: Making Our Way LARISSA BEHRENDT

Tracey Moffatt, Up In The Sky # 1, 1997, offset lithograph, 61 x 76cm (image size). Campbelltown Arts Centre Collection, NSW. © Courtesy the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery.

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   02 10 Days, 7 Critics on the Island

Writers included: Lucy Wilson Magnus, Stephenie Cahalan, Mark Cutler, Sara Wright, Kylie E. Eastley & Gai Anderson

Image: Stephen Bain, Baby, where are the fine things you promised me... more >

   03 Hume with a view: You Am I VIRGINIA FRASER

Image: Fatima Killeen, Laparoscopy, 2005, colour collograph, 42 x 54cm. Image courtesy the artist.

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   04 Islam in Oz JEREMY ECCLES

Image: Borderlands, installation view, Casula Powerhouse, December 2008. Photograph by Phillip George.

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   05 The Moment After: Lynette Wallworth’s Duality of Light JEMIMA KEMP

Image:  Lynette Wallworth, Duality of Light, 2009, multimedia installation, Samstag Museum of Art.

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   06 Bromley in Alice CHRIS RAJA

Image: David Bromley, Man’s best friend, 1999, acrylic on linen, 101 x 101cm;

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   07 Love thy neighbour: SLOT five years on

Authors: Gina Fairley, Merilyn Fairskye, Ruark Lewis, Mai Long & Tony Twigg

Image: Installing Ruark Lewis’s, Banalities for Babel (detail), 2005, installation view, 2009, at Gas ... more >

   08 Negotiating art and its public: Optimism at the GOMA: NICHOLAS THOMPSON

Image: Tom Moore, Getting the truck out of there, 2008, hot joined, blown and solid glass with steel and silicon, 10 x 49 x 14cm. Courtesy the artist, JamFactory, Adelaide, and Ray Hughes ... more >

   09 Not Strictly for the Birds: The Art of Jan Brown ROBERT DINGLEY

Image: Jan Brown, Bird in hand, 2006-07, ciment fondu, 10 x 13 x 9cm.

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   10 Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer: Portrait of a Collector SHIREEN HUDA

Image: George Lambert, Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer 1917, 1921, oil on canvas, 91.4 x 71.1cm. Image courtesy Museum of Victoria, Melbourne, presented by Lady Spencer in 1929.

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11 Letter: Model printmaking

Letter printed in full:

Dear Editor

While I was very pleased to see the focus on the Ta Teut Amarasi – Awakening (Northern Territory, West Timor) printmaking project in more >

   12 Protocols for working with children in art SERENA ARMSTRONG & SUZANNE DERRY

Image: Concetta Petrillo, Censored I, 1996, from original silver gelatin print (51 x 51cm) and reprinted on transparent film (2003), 120 x 120cm. This image cannot be shown uncensored with... more >

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