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Niels Oeltjen (aka Nails), untitled wall painting (detail), 2006, aerosol paint on board, 360(w) x 276(h)cm. Exhibiting at CarriageWorks’ May’s Lane Street Art Retrospective, 25 March to 7 April 2009. Image courtesy the artist and Carriageworks. Photograph by Raoul Pohlmann.

Issue 217
March 2009


Eugenia Raskopoulos, Untitled 99/00 (detail), 1999/2000, six Type C photographs, 110 x 160cm each. Image courtesy the artist.

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   02 Someone’s Universe: the Art of Eugene Carchesio DAVID PESTORIUS

Eugene Carchesio, 187 works for the People’s Republic of Spiritual Revolution (detail), 1975-90, watercolour, pencil, collage, ink and pressed leaves on paper. 168 sheets ranging from 15 x... more >

   03 Why Orson Welles Matters JOHN CONOMOS

Cover image for Jonathan Rosenbaum’s Discovering Orson Welles, University of California Press, Berkeley, 2007, 336pp.

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   04 Festivals, Folk and contemporary art PAT HOFFIE

Cassandra Schultz, Wombach after Bewick, Thomas, c. 1807, from the installation Pouch, the Antipodean Series, 2008, incense figurine (cinnamon wood paste), bell jar, rosewood base... more >

   05 ReCoil: a Celebration of Fibre Art in Australia CHRISTIANE KELLER

Kantjupayi Benson, Truck and Driver, 2007, grass, raffia, string, wool, wire, mesh, wheels, 112 x 190 x 75cm. Courtesy the artist and Tjanpi Desert Weavers.

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   06 Danny Eastwood: a pretty potency KERRIE KENTON

Danny Eastwood, My Reconciliation, 2008, pen, ink and watercolour on paper, 69 x 90cm. Image courtesy the artist. Photograph by Silversalt Photography.

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07 Letter: Contemplations at the end of time

John Kelly’s invocation of the spectre of Francis Fukuyama’s controversial claims of the end of history (First past the Post-Colonial, AMA, November 2008, #215) resonates and sits in a complex posi... more >

   08 From Fragonard to Kennard: René Gimpel - art dealer DIANA KOSTYRKO

René Albert and Florence in the grounds of rue Spontini, Paris, ca 1916 (Gimpel family archives).

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   09 Shapes of purity & reality: an interview with Bert Flugelman JAN JONES

Bert Flugelman, Cones, 1982, stainless steel, 450 x 2050 x 450cm. Installation view, National Gallery of Australia Sculpture Garden. Collection: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Co... more >

   10 Monet and the Impressionists ADAM GECZY

Pierre Auguste Renoir, Woman with a parasol and a small child on a sunlit hillside, c. 1874-76, oil on canvas, 47 x 56.2cm. Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, bequest of John T. Spau... more >

   11 Freestylin’: artists’ books afloat in Brisbane LOUISE WAREHAM LEONARD

Tim Mosely, Mixed carton 1: critical theory in a box, 2006, artist’s book in slipcase: recycled cardboard, metal eyelets and plastic tape, 17 x 18 x 8cm. Collection: Australian Library of ... more >

   12 AuctionNotes TERRY INGRAM

At a sale of books and documents held by Australian Book Auctions at its rooms in Armadale on 1 December, this miniature portrait on ivory of Governor Thomas Brisbane (estimate $5000 to $10,000) so... more >

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