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Cang Xin, Shamanism Series - Variation (detail), 2005, pencil on paper, triptych, 200 x 250cm. White Rabbit Collection. Photograph: Silverpixel. Courtesy the artist, White Rabbit Collection and Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney. From the exhibition of contemporary drawings from China, Liberation Feet, curated by Mike Esson, Director, International Drawing Research Institute. Liberation Feet is showing at Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, 2 October to 1 November, 2008. The International Drawing Research Institute is an initiative (from 2000) involving the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing and the Glasgow School of Art Scotland. From December 2008 until mid 2010, Ivan Dougherty Gallery will continue as a research-only facility, suspending its regular exhibition program in order to accommodate a major redevelopment of the College of Fine Arts (COFA) campus, which includes construction of the new UNSW Art Museum.

Issue 215
November 2008

   01 The re-ward in jellyfish town: the NATSIAA 25 years on SUZANNE SPUNNER

Dinni Kunoth Kemarre, Harts Range Rodeo Rider, synthetic polymer paint on Erythrina vespertilioh (Batswing coral tree). Courtesy the artist.

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   02 Et in Arcadia Ego: Lost and Found at TarraWarra GERALDINE BARLOW

Francis Upritchard, Flock, 2008, glass and modeling material. Installation view, Lost & Found, TarraWarra Museum of Art. Courtesy the artist, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland, N... more >

   03 International promotion of Australian Art RUPERT MYER

Nola Campbell, Holden bonnet, 2007, synthetic polymer paint on metal. Purchased 2008 through the Queensland Government’s Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund. Collection of Queensland A... more >

   04 First past the Post-Colonial JOHN KELLY

John Kelly, Probe II, 2008, plastic, cardboard, wood, glass, easel, IKEA product (wooden coat hook), TV, photo display, security cameras, Chinese calligraphy brushes.

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   05 FAREWELL? A Review of the Shanghai Bienniale, Guangzhou Triennial and the Taipei Biennial SOPHIE McINTYRE

Maria Magdalena Compos-Pons and Neil Leonard, Porcelana de China/My Mother Told Me I am Chinese, 2008, multimedia installation. Image courtesy the artist and Guangzhou Triennial. All image... more >

   06 Shanghai High & Higher MAURICE O'RIORDAN

Effie Wu, Super Smile, 2007, still from one channel video, mini DV Pal. One of the standout works from ShContemporary 08: Best of Discovery exhibition. Image courtesy artist and C... more >

   07 The strange tale of the Lucky Country, the cultural cringe and the flight of the Tall Poppies JOHN MONTGOMERY

John Olsen, Iceberg, 2008, etching on paper. Courtesy the artist and Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney.

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   08 Contemplating Inertia and Change in Politics: the Art of Jamin MICHAEL DENHOLM

Jamin, Change #2, 2008, spray enamel on coated steel. Images courtesy the artist.

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   09 The Lost Buddhas of Qingzhou JEREMY ECCLES

The Lost Buddhas: Chinese Buddhist Sculpture from Qingzhou, 2008, installation view (detail) of exhibition, Art Gallery of NSW. 

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   10 Investigating the nature of our ever expanding universe HOLLY-MAE EMERSON

Lara Merrett, Still vast reserves, 2008, acrylic and ink on linen (two panels). Collection of the artist, Melbourne. Image courtesy the artist and PICA. 

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   11 An irregular order: (im)materialising Micky Allan JENNY McFARLANE

Micky Allan, Winter, 2008, graphite, acrylic, ink, gold leaf, collage on drafting film and paper. Images courtesy the artist. Photographs by Derek Ross.

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12 Letter

I need to raise concerns about Jeremy Eccles’s article, Telstra Imbroglio: the 25th NATSIAA, in your October 2008 issue. It concerns me that Mr Eccles has included a number of confused statements i... more >

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