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Polixeni Papapetrou, Olympia as Lewis Carroll’s Beatrice Hatch before White Cliffs (detail), 2003, type C print. Courtesy the artist and Stills Gallery, Sydney. This photograph is part of the artist’s Dreamchild series, 2003, which has been exhibited in Bendigo, New York, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Papapetrou was recently represented in the exhibition Presumed Innocence: Photographic Perspectives of Children, De Cordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA, 2 February to 27 April 2008.

Issue 211
July 2008

   01 Collateral Damage DENISE FERRIS & MARTYN JOLLY

Ella Dreyfus, The Ladz: Nadz and Dax, 2005, silver gelatin print. This photograph won the Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture (2005) yet as an image is similar to the artist’s ... more >

   02 Humbert or Humbug? ADAM GECZY

Bill Henson, Untitled, 2007/08, type C photograph, from the Untitled series, 2007/08. Courtesy the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney.

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03 Art and (not or) Pornography DONALD BROOK

From time to time there is a great fuss made about whether some object is a work of art or pornographic. Experts are invited to testify, and mostly ridiculed for their trouble. Witnesses with no ex... more >

   04 Shashinjinsei: Nobuyoshi Araki’s photo journey MANAMI OKAZAKI

Nobuyoshi Araki, from the Sentimental Journey series, 1971, black and white photograph. Courtesy the artist.

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   05 Ai Weiwei: Under Construction JEREMY ECCLES

Ai Weiwei, Fountain of Light, 2007, glass crystals, lights and metal on a wooden base, installation view, Ai Weiwei's studio, Beijing, 2007. Courtesy the artist.

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   06 Keep Calm and Carry On: new work by Mel Robson LOUISE MARTIN-CHEW

Mel Robson, Keep Calm and Carry On (detail), slipcast porcelain 2008. Courtesy the artist. 

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   07 Sex in the Country: David Laity’s Laid Bare JACQUI VERROCCHIO

David Laity, Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, 2003, oil on hessian on board. Courtesy the artist and Metro5 Gallery, Melbourne.

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   08 Survival, Decay and Excavation: curating Arthur McIntyre DANIEL MUDIE CUNNINGHAM

Arthur McIntyre, Birth Pains II, c. 1975, collage on paper. Courtesy the estate of Arthur McIntyre. 

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   09 Bent Western, Sydney CRAIG JUDD

Liam Benson & Kenzee Patterson, Lock it or Lose it, 2004, photographic print. Courtesy the artists.

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   10 Dual purpose: Otto Dix’s Hugo Erfurth with Dog JUSTINE BAYOD ESPOZ

Otto Dix, Hugo Erfurth with Dog, 1926, tempera and oil on panel. Courtesy
Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum Madrid, Spain. 

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   11 Sam Leach: ghost in the machine ASHLEY CRAWFORD

Sam Leach, Self in Uniform, 2007, oil and resin on wood. Courtesy the artist, Sullivan+Strumpf Fine Art, Sydney, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne and Peter Walker Fine Art, Adelaide.

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   12 The Brisbane Sound DANNY ZUVELA

Gary Warner, Cassettes, 1975–86, 2008, 91 audio cassettes, installation view, The Brisbane Sound exhibition opening, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 8 February, 2008. Courtesy ... more >

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