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Lisa Reid, Portrait of Peter (Peter Fay), 2008, acrylic on Belgian linen, 175cm x 150cm. Courtesy the artist and Arts Project Australia, Melbourne. This painting is currently showing in the 2008 Salon des RefusÚs exhibition, National Trust S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney, 8 March to 4 May. For the first time, the Salon des RefusÚs travels this year, and will show at Tweed River Art Gallery 22 May to 29 June. Reid is also currently represented in the exhibition Without Borders: Outsider Art in an Antipodean Context (curated by Peter Fay and Glenn Barkley for Monash University Museum of Art, 16 April to 21 June) and Pearls of Arts Project Australia: Stuart Purves Collection, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, College of Fine Arts, Sydney, 17 April to 24 May.

Issue 209
May 2008

01 Handle with care: 2008 Adelaide Biennial and Adelaide Festival Visual Art Program MARGOT OSBORNE

02 Penumbra: Contemporary art from Taiwan, Samstag Museum of Art, University of South Australia NICHOLAS JOSE

03 Adaptive Reuse Goes West: Casula Powerhouse & Carriage works, Sydney JEREMY ECCLES

04 The Shock of the Independent: Imants Tillers and Tony Clark in Melbourne ASHLEY CRAWFORD

05 On the Power & beauty of Political Art FIONA FOLEY


07 Peter Alexander Tomory, 1922-2008 ELIZABETH CROSS

08 Whatever Happened to the Age of Art Criticism? MICHAEL DENHOLM

09 Walking in Constable's Footsteps? RICHARD WHITE

10 Why Paraguay? Australia in the Latin Mirror KEVIN MURRAY

11 Stephanie Radok and Dick Richards: Julie Blyfield ANNE BRENNAN

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