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The Kiss (detail), 2007, mixed media on board. Courtesy the artist. Photograph by Steve Wilson.
Ian McFarland’s next show will be at Gallery 139, Stephney, Adelaide, May 2 – May 18 2008

Issue #207 March 2008 available from all good newsagents and bookstores from 1 March 2008.

Issue 207
March 2008

01 From The Chair

New year, New editor

The Art Monthly Australia Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Maurice O’Riordan as the new Editor. Maurice is a graduate of the Australian National Uni... more >

02 Editorial

History is being made as I write this editorial. It has nothing to do with my words; unlike the ‘magisterial’ Andy Warhol (whose Brisbane retrospective exhibition is roundly reviewed in our opening... more >

   03 Andy Warhol in Brisbane WESLEY HILL

Andy Warhol, Skull, 1976, Acrylic and silkscreen ink on linen, The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh Founding Collection, Contribution Dia Center for the Arts © The Andy Warhol Foundation for... more >

   04 Political Kunst - Postcard from Germany JENNY FRASER

Beds at concentration camp, Dachau, 2008. Photograph by Jenny Fraser.

... more >

   05 Sigmund Freud’s Collection in Sydney DIANA SIMMONDS

Edmund Engelman, View of the writing desk in the study (detail), 1938, silver gelatin print. Courtesy Thomas Engelman.

... more >

   06 Rarrk – London JEREMY ECCLES

Ground view of the Level 3 room at the Bargehouse Gallery with barks by John Mawurndjul (front left) and Timothy Wulanjbirr. Courtesy Maningrida Arts and Culture and Josh Lilley Fine Art. Photograp... more >

   07 Andrea Stretton (1952 – 2007) BILL WRIGHT

The untimely loss of a loved one, a cherished friend, a colleague of a special kind is tragic, as it is for the society as a whole to lose one of the genuine few who are the honest and sensate comm... more >

   08 ‘We mean business’: John Stringer (1937 – 2007) FRANCES LINDSAY

Image: John Stringer, at the opening of Australian Impressionism at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), March 2007. Courtesy NGV. 

John Stringer, who died suddenly in Perth ... more >

   09 Peep — TarraWarra Museum of Art ANDREW GAYNOR

Cecile Williams, Peep (detail), 2001, paper, cardboard, cellophane, string, glue and adhesive tape (dioramas), flattened heavy cardboard, pine stud panels, halogen lights, transformers, el... more >

   10 Letter: Masters of the Dancing Brush: Peter Upward 1932 – 1983 PENELOPE UPWARD

Peter Upward in his Brougham St studio, Woolloomooloo, Sydney, 1961, before his painting New Reality (now in the Art Gallery of NSW).  An old friend, Howard Smith, owned this place.more >

   11 South Korea, democracy and art EN YOUNG AHN

Kim Joon, tattooress-stitch, 2005, C print. Courtesy and collection of the artist. 

... more >

   12 To see or not to see: is that the question? John Hayward at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide RAY TYNDALE

John Hayward, Mouse cutter, 2007, computer mouse, kangaroo bone (scapula). Photograph by Michal Kluvanek.

... more >

   13 South light JUDE RAE

Jude Rae, Victoria Chambers, installation view, Silvershot, Melbourne, 2006. Courtesy of the artist and Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra.

... more >

   14 Diary of a Fortunate Man: Ray Cook photographs ANNE KIRKER

Diary of a Fortunate Man: Ray Cook photographs

Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane, 2007,     72 pages, $55 rrp

The cover sums it up well: Ray Cook as j... more >

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