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Dan Arps, Panax, 2007. Detail of installation. Newspaper and straw. Courtesy of Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland. Photograph by Ryan Moore. Dan Arps will be exhibiting new work at The Physics Room, Christchurch, 14 November to 15 December 2007.

Issue 205
November 2007

   01 The Guggenheim Collection in Melbourne MICHAEL DESMOND

Sarah Anne Johnson, Boy in the field, 2002, chromogenic print. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. Purchased with funds contributed by Pamela and Arthur Sanders; the Harriett Ames Char... more >

   02 Epiphanic uncertainties: Mystic Truths in Auckland JOHN HURRELL

Mungo Thomson, The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths (12 step), 1999, ink on holographic vinyl. Courtesy of the artist and Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles, and John ... more >

   03 Some meditations on death and dying: Reveries: Photography & Mortality in Canberra JOHN THOMPSON

Anne Noble, In my father’s garden, 2001, single image from an installation of six monochrome type C photographs and two concertina books of monochrome type C photographs. Courtesy of the a... more >

   04 Peter Upward: The frozen gesture CHRISTOPHER DEAN

Peter Upward, October Still, 1962, PVA on board. Laverty Collection, Sydney.

... more >

   05 Book: Our Way: Contemporary Aboriginal Art from Lockhart River by Sally Butler SUSAN REID

Sally Butler,
Our Way: Contemporary Aboriginal Art from Lockhart River,
University of Queensland Press, 2007             136 pp $80 RRP

... more >

   06 Increase your uncertainty: A Constructed World in Melbourne NATALIE KING

A Constructed World, stills from DVDs screened in the ‘dance room’. Clockwise from top left: Truck dance, 2007, Eye burn, 2006 (with choreographer Joăo Saldanha), Sincere (dea... more >

   07 Letter from Istanbul

AES+F, Last Riot – Last Riot 2, 2005-07, digital photograph on canvas. Detail of installation at Antrepo No.3. Photograph by Gina Fairley.

... more >

   08 aberhart by Gregory O’Brien, Justin Paton, Laurence Aberhart SUE GARDINER

Gregory O’Brien, Justin Paton, Laurence Aberhart
Victoria University Press, Wellington, New Zealand 2007    NZ$125 rrp

... more >

09 Letter: Confusions in copyright: a comment on Adam Geczy’s adventures in image permissions

Adam Geczy seems to be a little confused. In his account of obtaining images and image permissions (AMA #204), he has conflated two quite distinct things: obtaining copyright licences and access to... more >

10 Letter: A truly national gallery?

How wrong can you be? I have always loved the collection of the National Gallery of Australia. As a young teenager I collected newspaper clippings about it. I hate the severe limitations of the bui... more >

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