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Del Kathryn Barton, Girl #13, 2005, acrylic, gouache, watercolour and pen on polyester canvas. Courtesy Kaliman Gallery, Sydney and Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne.

Issue 204
October 2007

   01 Prizes and politics: The 24th National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Award in Darwin BELINDA SCOTT

Dennis Nona (Kal-lagaw-ya language, Badu and Saibai Island, Torres Strait, Qld homeland), Ubirikubiri, cast bronze.

Excerpt from the article on page 3. 

This year the TSI ... more >

   02 A tribute to Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni ADRIAN MARTIN

 Ingmar Bergman  and Michelangelo Antonioniat work

Excerpt from the article on page 9.

The day at the end of July this year that destiny contrived to take both Ingmar Bergman ... more >

   03 Sixteen artists: Excerpts from a European diary, June 2007 Bill WRIGHT & HILARIE MAIS

Ai Weiwei, Template, installation of found wooden windows and doors, in Documenta 12, Kassel.

Excerpt from page 12.

June this year was the month in the European art me... more >

   04 Snap freeze: Still life now in the Yarra Valley HILARY MADDOCKS

John Scurry, Still life with Helmut and juggling batons, 2006, oil on linen, collection of Nick and Anne Lolatgis, Melbourne.

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Social commentator Hugh McKa... more >

   05 Psychogothical ASHLEY CRAWFORD

Ben Armstrong, Conflict, 2003-05, mixed media, courtesy the artist and Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne.

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A strange darkness has long pervaded Australian art, ... more >

   06 Aura: A twenty-first century tour of Lake George; altered relations in speed and its affect ANN FINEGAN

John Conomos, Still from Aura, 2003, video installation, 13 mins.

Excerpt from page 27.

Aura: from the beginning, in its title, John Conomos’s 13-minute meditative vid... more >

   07 Dear Hilary

Excerpt from page 32.

I’m always a bit irritated by works entitled Untitled. There was a lovely baby by
Sam Jinks on the cover of the last Summer issue of AMA (#196), which is described... more >

   08 Something to smile about in Beijing CLAIRE ROBERTS

Zhang Wei, The Hall of Supreme Harmony, [Forbidden City], 1976, oil on paper. Reproduced courtesy Zhang Wei

Excerpt from page 36.

In early July the Sydney Morning Herald publis... more >

   09 Adventures in image permissions ADAM GECZY

Excerpt from page 41.

Any image that you see reproduced in a book, magazine, pamphlet, or on a billboard is subject to permission from the author. Copyright is the most basic and most widely ... more >

   10 Strange fruit: Testimony and memory in Julie Dowling’s portraits in Melbourne KATE SANDS

Julie Dowling, Aunties with cards, 1999, synthetic polymer paint, red ochre and gold on canvas, Hyphema Collection, Perth.

Excerpt from page 44.

It is not often that an artist ... more >

11 Letter: This (patronised) art life

Excerpt from page 48.

How often has an opening event ruined your experience of the exhibition that follows? For me the recent ‘mega opening’ of the Guggenheim show at the NGVI was the event t... more >

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