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Vernon Ah Kee, Leonard, 2006, acrylic and charcoal on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Bellas Milani Gallery, Brisbane. On exhibition in Thresholds of tolerance, curated by Caroline Turner and David Williams for the Australian National University School of Art Gallery, Canberra, 10 May to 5 June.

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Kenny Brown, Muma (Torres Strait Pigeon), 2006, ochre on ironwood. Courtesy of the artist, Jilamara Arts and Craft, Melville Island, Northern Territory and Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne.

Kenny Brown, Whistling duck (Jurriyi), 2007, ochre on ironwood. Courtesy of the artist, Jilamara Arts and Craft, Melville Island, Northern Territory and Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne.

Issue 200
June 2007



The 200th issue of Art Monthly Australia represents a milestone in Australian art magazine publishing. Our founding editor, Peter Townsend, whose a... more >


Grab me a gondola

If you’ve been on a retreat you may not know that the 52nd International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale opens on 10 June and runs until 21 November. Its theme is more >

   03 Howard Arkley in Sydney CHRISTOPHER CHAPMAN

Howard Arkley, Suburban interior, 1983, synthetic polymer paint on canvas. Museum of Modern Art at Heide, Melbourne, the Baillieu Myer Collection of the 80s.

... more >

   04 The shadow economy JUSTIN PATON

Euan Macdonald, Richard Pryor billboard, 2005, ink on paper. Courtesy of the artist, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney, and Cohan and Leslie, New York.

... more >

   05 Rarrking the sky HETTI PERKINS

Exterior of the Musée du quai Branly, Paris, showing installations by Ningura Napurrula, (Untitled (Wirrulnga) 2005), Gulumbu Yunupingu (Garak, the universe 2006), and Tommy Watso... more >

06 Arts policies: Where the bloody hell are you? ROWANNE COUCH

It’s an unusual book launch that attracts 500 or so of the great and the good to the penumbral gloom of Sydney’s Seymour Centre on an otherwise insignificant Tuesday evening in April. It’s even mor... more >

   07 Impressions of Australia MICHAEL ROSENTHAL

Frederick McCubbin, The city’s toil, 1887, oil on canvas. Famdal Collection, Sydney.

... more >

   08 Time capsules KATE DAVIDSON

Susan Bright
Art Photography Now
Thames and Hudson, London, 2005 224 pp $79.95

Isobel Crombie
Light Sensitive: Contemporary Australian Photography from... more >

   09 BOOK REVIEW Joan Kerr: A Pictorial Biography,

James Semple Kerr
Joan Kerr: A Pictorial Biography, 1938-2004
James Semple Kerr, 2006.    

Prepared to accompany Joan’s papers to the... more >

   10 Australian gargoyles KYLA WARD

Unknown artists, Gargoyles at the University of Sydney. Courtesy of the University of Sydney.

... more >

   11 Queensland enlightenment DANIEL THOMAS

Lynne Seear & Julie Ewington (eds)
Brought to Light II: Contemporary Australian Art 1966–2006 from the Queensland Art Gallery Collection
Queensland Art Gallery Publishing, 20... more >

   12 The intersubjective space of visual art GAIL HASTINGS

Gail Hastings, missing walls: bureaucracy at work, 2007, oil paint on plywood, watercolour on silk, framed watercolour and lead pencil on paper. Courtesy and copyright of the artist. From ... more >

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