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Sara Hughes, The big stick up, 2006, vinyl, plastic and paint. Detail from the installation and exhibition at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre, Sydney, 22 July to 3 September. Courtesy of the artist. Sara Hughes is represented by Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland and Criterion Gallery, Hobart.

Issue 192
August 2006


Vale Noel
Noel Sheridan, the inaugural director of the Experimental Art Foundation (EAF) in Adelaide and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), died in Fremantle... more >

   02 Desert painting from the town camps of Alice Springs: A new art centre and a new social landscape SALLY BUTLER

Image caption: Artists and supporters Jane Vadiveloo, Margaret Kemarre Turner OAM, Rhonda Renwick, Janice Williams, Rachael Williams and kids at the Tangentyere Artists exhibition opening at the Ar... more >

   03 Constable, now and then MICHAEL ROSENTHAL

Image caption: John Constable, The hay wain, 1821, oil on canvas. The National Gallery, London.

In 1984 I was surprised to discover from a furniture advertisement in the Brisbane Cou... more >

   04 Zones of contact: 2006 Biennale of Sydney CHRISTOPHER CHAPMAN

Image caption: Olga Chernysheva, Russian museum, 2003-05, video still from DVD, 6 mins. Courtesy of the artist.

It would be difficult to argue against the stated aims of Artistic Dir... more >

   05 Lost in translation ASHLEY CRAWFORD

Image caption: Pat Brassington, October, 2001, pigment print. Courtesy of the artist and Asialink.

It is strange to realise in this day and age of media-image saturation that art can... more >

   06 The sound of the sky: The Northern Territory in Australian Art 1802-2005 ANITA ANGEL

Image caption: Thomas Baines, Baines and Humphrey killing an alligator on the Horseshoe Flats, Victoria River 27 June 1856, 1857, oil on canvas. Courtesy of the Royal Geographical Society ... more >

07 Roland Barthes The Language of Fashion PETER MCNEIL

The reading public might be alarmed that we have here a new translation of Roland Barthesís The Fashion System, that 300-page tome which Michael Carter calls a spectacularly impenetrable b... more >

   08 A good rate of exchange between Malaysian and Australian artists GINA FAIRLEY

Image caption: Angela Hijjas and Hijjas Kasturi in the gardens at Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia in 2005. Photo Gina Fairley.

This year Malaysiaís Rimbun Dahan Artist Residency program celebrates its... more >


In response to Letters AMA, #189, May 2006

Cromwell's in the wars
Iím writing to alert you to problems that the artist Stephen James (my husband) is exp... more >

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