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Emmanuel Frémiet, Gorilla carrying off a woman, 1887, bronze. Collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, gift of the artist, 1907. In Kiss of the beast! At the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, 15 November to 22 January. The film program component will be at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, from 9 to 18 December.

Issue 186
Summer 2005

   01. We live in Interesting times: Focus on contemporary Australian art in Sydney by MICHAEL DESMOND
Shaun Kirby, cousin beast, 2005, timber, paint, etherfoam, plaster. Courtesy and © the artist. (below)... more >

   02. A walk with Fairweather to Anak Bayan Street by TONY TWIGG
Ian Fairweather, Anak Bayan, 1957, gouache on cardboard on hardboard (3 sheets). Art Gallery of New South Wales, bequest of Lucy Swanton.... more >

   03. No direction home: New Zealand expatriates by JOHN HURRELL
Billy Apple, Billy Apple bleaching with Lady Clairol Instant Crème Whip, November 1962, 1962, black and white photograph. Courtesy of Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington.... more >

   04. Photography in Brisbane by TIMOTHY MORRELL
Maurice Ortega, from the Billboard series, 2004, Lambda print. Courtesy of the artist.... more >

   05. Hanging at Yale by ANGUS TRUMBLE
View of the fourth floor, and the upper portion of the east side of the Entry Court, of the British Art Center, with (left to right) The fishery by Richard Wright, Hadleigh Castle by Joh... more >

   06. In time of war: Charles Meere’s Australian beach pattern by JOY EADIE
Charles Meere, Australian beach pattern, 1939-40, oil on canvas. Courtesy of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.... more >

   07. Kaltjiti Arts and Crafts by CAROLYN WILSON
Inawinytji Williamson, Iwana Ken, Fairy Stevens, and Kathy Maringka with products from Kaltjiti Arts, Fregon, South Australia. Photo Andra Archer, Archer Concept Group, USA.... more >

   08. Artists as model workers by ROSS WOODROW
Mike Parr, Sitting member, performance on 3 October 2005 (8 hours), Boiler Shop, Honeysuckle Workshops, Newcastle (documentation of performance). Courtesy of the artist. Photo Ross Woodrow.... more >

   09. Nothing sits outside of the gaze of contemporary art: Interview with Nicholas Tsoutas by ADAM GECZY
Paul Adair, Untitled, 2002, C-type print, from the series A perfect crime, in the article Photography in Brisbane by Tim Morrell. Courtesy of the artist.... more >

   10. Indigenous Australian art in Europe: Positioning the Aboriginal Art Museum, Utrecht by GEORGES PETITJEAN
Interior view of the Aboriginal Art Museum, Utrecht, the Netherlands.... more >

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