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Gerson Bettencourt Ferreira [Luxemburg], Kellerberrin Pony Club #3, 03/07/2005, C-type print. From Junctions, an exhibition of photographic portraits made during the artist’s recent residency at IASKA, Kelleberrin, Western Australia, showing at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, from 20 October to 13 November.

Issue 185
November 2005

   01. Margaret Preston: Art and life by BRUCE ADAMS
Margaret Preston in her garden at Berowra, 1937. Photo F J Halmarick, Fairfaxphotos.... more >

   02. C*town bling by COURTNEY KIDD
Patricia Piccinini, Destroy, 2002, from the series Sandman, digital C-type photograph. Courtesy the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney. Collection Craig James and Priya Selva-Nayag... more >

   03. Twenty years at Gertrude Street by SARAH THOMAS
Charlotte Day (Ed) A Short Ride in a Fast Machine: Gertrude Street Contemporary Art Spaces 1985-2000 Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces in conjunction with Black Inc., 2005 236 pp $45.00... more >

   04. Rarrk – John Mawurndjul: A journey through time in northern Australia by MELINDA HINKSON
John Mawurndjul beside a rock painting of Ngalyod, Dilebang, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, September 2004. Photo Erika Koch.... more >

   05. Robyn Stacey & Ashley Hay, Herbarium by KELLY GELLATLY
Robyn Stacey & Ashley Hay Herbarium Cambridge University Press, 2004 164 pp $79.95 RRP ... more >

   06. Christopher Heathcote et al, Yvonne Audette: Paintings and Drawings 1949 – 2003 by WILLIAM WRIGHT
Christopher Heathcote et al Yvonne Audette: Paintings and Drawings 1949 – 2003 Macmillan, 2003 240 pp $99.00 RRP ... more >

   07. Joseph Beuys in the British Isles and America by EVE SULLIVAN
Mark Rosenthal, Sean Rainbird & Claudia Schmuckli Joseph Beuys: Actions, Vitrines, Environments The Menil Collection, Houston in association with Tate Publishing, 2005. (distributed by Th... more >

08. Synaesthesia and the redemption of painting by PRUE AHRENS

   09. The sound of visual art by JEREMY ECCLES
Noel McKenna, Home, Blue Mountains, 2004, enamel on canvas. Private collection. In the exhibition The sound of painting, at the George Adams Gallery, the Arts Centre, Melbourne.... more >

   10. Mirror worlds: Contemporary video from Asia in Sydney by HAEMA SIVANESAN
Chen Shaoxiong, Still from Anti-terrorism variety, 2003, DVD. Courtesy the artist and Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou, China.... more >

   11. Letter from Singapore by GINA FAIRLEY
Ceramics by Jesse Lim [Singapore] on exhibition at ARTSingapore art fair. Photo Gina Fairley.... more >

   12. Letter from Istanbul by STEPHEN NAYLOR
Y Z Kami [Iran/USA], The real beloved is not the form, 2005, installation of photographs and painting. Photo Stephen Naylor.... more >

   13. Letter from Dubai by HERMOINE MACURA

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