This Month's cover :
Patrick Hall, Stack, 2005, plywood, collected books, typewriter keys. Courtesy of the artist. On exhibition in the National Sculpture Prize & Exhibition 2005 at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, until 9 October.

Issue 184
October 2005

   00. Letter from Darwin by DEBORAH CLARK
Shirley Purdie [Kija language/Warmun WA], Dirringinji, 2005, natural pigments on wood. Courtesy of the artist and MAGNT.... more >

   01. Caroline Jordan, Picturesque Pursuits: Colonial Women Artists & the Amateur Tradition by ELIZABETH LAWSON
Melbourne University Press, 2005 224 pp $49.95 RRP ... more >

   02. Neil Manton, Cultural Relations: The Other Side of the Diplomatic Coin by PHILIPPA KELLY
Homosapien Books, 2003 180 pp... more >

   03. Ulli Beier, Decolonising the Mind by JENNIFER ISAACS
Pandanus Books, 2005 169pp $45.00 RRP... more >

   04. Paul Johnson, Art: A New History by MICHAEL ROSENTHAL
Weidenfeld & Nicolson (distributed in Australia by Allen & Unwin), 2003 777pp $75.00 RRP ... more >

   05. Diana Wood Conroy, Antipodean wanderer in the Mediterranean by MELISSA BOYDE
The Fabric of the Ancient Theatre: Excavation Journals from Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean Moufflon Publications Ltd. (distributed in Australia by the Australian Book Group), 2004 ... more >

   06. Hal Foster, Prosthetic Gods by MICHAEL CARTER
The MIT Press, 2004 455pp, $63.00 RRP... more >

   07. Gerardo Mosquera and Jean Fisher (ed), Over Here: International Perspectives on Art and Culture and Nikos Papastergiadis (ed), Complex Entanglements: Art, Globalisation and Cultural Difference by Ian McLean
The New Museum of Contemporary Art and The MIT Press, 2004 431 pp US$40.00 RRP ... more >

   08. Matthew Sturgis, Walter Sickert: A Life by ROGER NEILL
HarperCollins, 2005 784 pp $75.65 RRP (hardback) ... more >

   09. Siobhan O’Brien, A life by design: the art and lives of Florence Broadhurst by JOHN MCPHEE
Allen and Unwin, 2004 280 pp $24.95 RRP ... more >

10. John Poynter, Mr Felton’s Bequests by ROBERT DINGLEY The Miegunyah Press, 2003 xxiv+639 pp $89.95 RRP (hardback) ... more >

   11. Betty Churcher, The Art of War and Scott Bevan, Battle lines: Australian Artists at War by BETTY SNOWDEN
The Miegunyah Press, 2004 200 pp $39.95 RRP (paperback) Random House, 2004 $59.95 (hardback), $34.95 (paperback) RRP ... more >

   12. Nicholas Zurbrugg (ed), Art, Performance, Media: 31 Interviews by JOHN CONOMOS
University of Minnesota Press, 2004 407 pp US$77.95 (hb), US$25.95 (pb) RRP ... more >

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