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Scott Redford, Boy with surfboard cross , 2004. Courtesy of the artist and Bellas Milani Gallery, Brisbane. Currently on exhibition in 2004:Australian Culture Now,/i> at NGV Australia, Federation Square, Melbourne until 1 August.

Issue 171
July 2004

   5. MICHAEL ASCROFT, 1017 Kelvin - pretty hot! Metis Time: 04
Peter Fitzpatrick, SPIN,2004, video installation with video monitors and LCD projector. Courtesy of the artist and the Canberra Museum and Gallery.... more >

   6. TIMOTHY MORRELL, To look within: Self portraits in Australia at the University of Queensland Art Museum
Eric Thanke, Self portrait in a borken shaving mirror,, 1945, gouache on paper. Private collection, Geelong, Victoria.... more >

   1. ALISON KUBLER, Video hits: Art & music video at the Queensland Art Gallery
Kaie Rule, I'm a lover not a dancer,2002, still from video, 4:09 mins. Courtesy of the artist, Palm Pictures and RESFEST.... more >

   2. Book Review: Tiepolo’s Cleopatra by Jaynie Anderson by BERNARD SMITH
Tiepolo's Cleopatra by Jaynie Anderson. Plagrave Macmillan, 2003, 224 pp RRP $99.00.... more >

   3. CHAITANYA SAMBRANI, Printing across borders: the Aar-Paar Project 1
Asma Mundhrawala, Poster for the Aar-Paar Project, 2002.... more >

   4. PATSY PAYNE, Out of the box: Exhibitions from the archives of the Australian Print Workshop and Studio One, in Canberra
Toni Robertson, Poster for Studio One, 1983, silkscreen print. Private collection.... more >

   7. IAN WERE, Craft + design. What’s in a name?
Vaisamoa Manoa, Fan, 2003, woven raffia over coconut midrib, dyed feathers. Courtesy of the Queensland Art Gallery.... more >

8. JACQUELINE HEALY, The day the art world came to Balgo
At Balgo 4-04: Philomena Baadjo and her family in the exhibition, Helicopter Tjungurrayi in the background. Courtesy of Warlayirti Artiists. Photo Kim Lawler.... more >

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