This Month's cover :
AES+F (Russia), Action Half Life, Episode 2 #14, 2003, inkjet on canvas, 150x120cm. Courtesy of the artists. On exhibition in the Biennale of Sydney, from 4 June to 15 August.

Issue 170
June 2004

   1. JOHN MATEER: Empires, Ruins + Networks: Art in Real Time Culture

2. JOHN FAULKNER: From Blue poles to red fans: The 2004 Whitlam Oration

   3. DAVID MASKILL: Sunny Lindsay: A book and an exhibition

   4. PETER TIMMS: Book Reveiw: Shifting Foundations

   5. STEPHEN NAYLOR: Public/Private Tumatanui/Tumataiti:

   6. SARAH THOMAS: Sex, death and fascism: eX de Medici @ MPRG

   7. NICK WATERLOW: Holy Holy Holy

   8. BARBARA CAMPBELL: Take a Bowery: The art and (larger than) life

   9. SHAUNE LAKIN: Southern Californian package tours: Ed Ruscha

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