Art Monthly Australia is an incorporated public company, and operates as a non-profit organisation. The magazine is produced ten times a year, from March to December. Art Monthly Australia's income is derived from sales, subscriptions, advertising, philanthropic and government funding. Over the 26 year-life of the magazine it has been vigorously supported by the Australia Council.

The Australian National University (ANU) School of Art, Canberra, has generously hosted Art Monthly Australia since 1992. Ann Stephen is the recently appointed Chair of the AMA Board, following on from David Williams, who has stepped down after more than 20 years as Chair, however he continues on as a Board Director. Current Board Directors  include: Helen Ennis, Denise Ferris, Michael Whitworth, Claire Roberts, Hannah Mathews, Samantha Faulkner, Christine Nicholls, Julie Gough, Andrew McNamara and Zara Stanhope.

Art Monthly Australia employs three staff: Editor, Michael Fitzgerald; Creative Director, Tania Evans and Publication Manager, Anne-Marie Jean.

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