Australia’s art magazine of record since 1987, Art Monthly Australasia is constantly evolving, perfectly able to capture its time and place, being Australia’s only monthly art magazine dedicated to critically engaging with its visual arts – past/present/future – in the highest quality print and digital editions distributed nationally and internationally.

Excited by future challenges, Art Monthly Australasia is a contemporary publication built on history. Licensed from the UK magazine Art MonthlyArt Monthly Australasia’s founding publisher was Sam-Ure Smith (Art & Australia), with founding editor Peter Townsend editing both editions until 1993. In late 1988, Art Monthly Australasia left Ure-Smith’s Fine Arts Press to become a non-profit publisher (limited by guarantee and governed by a board), moving to its current home generously provided by the ANU’s School of Art, Canberra in 1993.

Since then, Art Monthly Australasia has maintained a remarkable constancy, with strong support from the Australia Council, most recently with triennial funding, as well as project co-funding from state/territory arts bodies and philanthropic donations. In its 28-year history there have been three chairs (currently Dr Ann Stephen, Senior Curator at the University of Sydney) and six full-time editors (currently Michael Fitzgerald, who was managing editor of Art & Australia from 2008 to 2012).

Art Monthly Australasia is stocked by major gallery stores, specialist book and art stores, and newsagents including:


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